Sunday, March 30, 2014

Seattle Chocolates

Continuing on the theme of chocolate from Seattle, like Theo Chocolates, I present the aptly named Seattle Chocolates. A visiting co-worker from Seattle brought a couple of their very interesting bars for me to try!
Lemon Ice Truffle Bar.
“White chocolate truffle bar infused with lemon oil and sour lemon candy pieces.”

This was really interesting! I generally avoid white “chocolate” as it tends to just be sweet overkill and uninteresting, but this was actually quite nice. The bar had little chunks of lemon candy inside that added a very intense lemon flavor and crunch and the white chocolate was not overly sweet.  Far exceeded expectations!
Birthday Cake Truffle Bar.
“Birthday cake mix center with colorful confetti pieces enrobed in milk chocolate.”

Hmm. This bar was kinda crazy looking on the inside, as it was all different colors. I couldn’t really pinpoint what the filling was though, I wouldn’t have guessed birthday cake, it was sorta just a sweet white chocolate like truffle center surrounded by mediocre milk chocolate. Not my thing, but certainly interesting to look at!
Margarita White Chocolate Truffle.
“The perfect blend of sweet and sour lime margarita with a coarse salt 'rim'. White chocolate.”

As I opened the wrapper, my first thought was, "wow, this does sorta resemble a margarita!", based on the aroma alone.  That thought continued as I bit in.  Yes, they did really channel a margarita on this one!  The salt coating and the lime flavor were both good, and fun flavors to have with chocolate, but the white chocolate itself had a bit of funk to it.  I did like the white chocolate in the lemon ice truffle bar, but here it really reminded me of just standard bad white chocolate.
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