Sunday, October 28, 2012

Chocolates from Gallito

Gallito is a Costa Rican chocolate maker.  They reminded me of Garoto, from Brazil.  Which reminded me of Hershey.  Basically, a big national chocolate maker, not particularly good.
  • Guayabitas: “Chocolates filled with the best national guava jelly.”  Tasting notes: Milk chocolate shell, sweet jelly filling.  Chocolate is very mediocre and doesn’t go with jelly at all.  Jelly is tasty though, and firm consistency.
  • Tapitas: “chocolate with sweet peanut bits.”  Tasting notes: Milk chocolate that isn't creamy and has weird bitterness, tons of crunchy things that I guess are peanuts but don't taste like it.
  • Dulce de Leche Tapitas: Tasting notes: same not good chocolate, just sweet filling that is almost caramel like, but not quite.
  • Milan: "Pure chocolate bar".  Tasting notes: Solid milk chocolate log.  Not creamy.  Not good.

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