Monday, October 08, 2012

Nick's Wheely Good Breakfast

I don't seek out food trucks often, but I discovered the Nick's Wheely Good Breakfast food truck at an event at work.  Even though it wasn't morning, I was drinking a coffee at the time, and when I saw the menu of breakfast items, I was instantly drawn in.  I love breakfast foods, and pairing with my coffee seemed like a good enough excuse to go for breakfast food rather than lunch food.

I'm glad I did.  Even though they were sold out of my first few choices, and the egg to complete my breakfast sandwich, this was still really good.  Hands down the best food truck at the event!  I'd happily return!
Chicken Apple Biscuit Sandwich: Seared Chicken Apple Sausage, Pickled Apples, Aioli, Arugala, on a Homemade Cheddar Biscuit.  $6.
This was really good!  What a surprise.

The biscuit was very good, with a tang from the buttermilk and cheesiness from the cheddar.  It was not too oily.  The arugula was crisp and fresh.  There was a lot of it, but I really liked it and thought it added a great crunch and lightness.  The aioli was creamy and delicious.  The pickled apples were incredibly tart, and paired surprisingly well with the biscuit.  The sausage was good, but not as standout as the other components.

These were all quality ingredients, prepared well, with great flavors.  It was all very good and came together perfectly.

They were unfortunately sold out of eggs when I arrived, otherwise this would have also had a fried egg on it.  I can imagine it would have been even better with the egg.

$6 price was very reasonable for quality deliciousness like this.  I'd certainly get again.
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