Sunday, October 21, 2012

World's Finest Chocolates

This past week, one of my co-worker's children came in doing a fundraiser for school, selling "The World's Finest Chocolate".  Now, I was pretty skeptical that these chocolates would measure up to their name, but he was trying to win a limo ride to In-N-Out for being a top seller.  Perhaps this doesn't sound all that interesting, but back in my day, I won pretty much the exact same thing.  Sure, we were selling Toblerone, and our limo ride was to Wendy's (my first time ever there!), but I still remember it as one of the most amazing experiences of my childhood.  I felt like a celebrity.  I got to ride in a LIMO.  ZOMG.  So I wanted to make this child's dreams come true.

As I expected, this was not "The World's Finest Chocolate", but it was actually far better than I anticipated.  Each type sold for $2 a piece.  I certainly wouldn't ever go buy this in a store, but if another child came around doing fundraising, there were a few that weren't bad that I'd get again.
Assortment of their offerings.
  • Mint Meltaways: "Milk chocolate shell with a smooth chocolate center flavored with mint."  Tasting notes: I'm not sure what they meant by "smooth chocolate center", as the center was basically the same as the outside, and not really smooth.  Slight minty flavor.  Meh.  Least favorite of their chocolates.
  • Caramel Whirls: "The sweetest, most indulgent caramel center imaginable, engulfed in creamy milk chocolate."  Tasting notes: Creamy milk chocolate shell, filled with mediocre caramel.  Fairly generic, but not bad. Second to least favorite.
  • Continental Almonds: "Premium almonds roasted in pure cocoa butter, then drenched in milk chocolate."  Tasting notes: Very creamy milk chocolate coating.  Falls strongly in the very milky, mild, questionable amount of actual chocolate range, but if that is the style of milk chocolate you like, it is pretty good.  The coating was very thick, so you really tasted the chocolate.  The almonds had a nice flavor, and were crunchy.  Third favorite.
  • Milk Chocolate with Almonds Bar: "Creamy, smooth milk chocolate and roasted California almonds team up to make an extraordinary chocolate experience."  Tasting notes: More creamy, smooth milk chocolate, with little bits of fairly flavorful roasted almonds.  Second favorite.
  • WF Crisp Bar: "Creamy World's Finest ® Chocolate blended with crunchy crisped rice."  Tasting notes: And more creamy, smooth milk chocolate, filled with crispy rice.  Reminded me of a Hershey Krackel bar.  The crisp rice was kinda addictive.  This surprised me!  My favorite of their chocolates.
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