Friday, October 10, 2014

Snacks from Funley's

At the annual product fair at work, I was introduced to another new line of snack foods, Funley's.  They are all natural, use no preservatives, no corn syrup, no trans fats, etc.  I'm pretty sure they are aimed at children, as one of their product lines is "Super Crackers" with hidden superfoods in them, to punk children into eating their broccoli, carrots, sweet potatoes, and spinach.  They also make some different types of granola clusters, basically, finger food versions of granola.  And some healthier chocolate treats, made with whole grain cookie bits in them.

Of the items I tried, I really liked one of them, and found the rest to be generally ok.  Nothing particularly amazing, but for being healthier snacks, they were decent.

Super Crackers

What makes a Super Cracker, super?  They hide vegetables in them!
Cornbread N' Stuff Super Crackers.
"Cornbread crackers with hidden sweet potato". 

Tasting notes: These really do taste like cornbread!  But ... as crackers!  Interesting and pretty tasty.  Don't taste the hidden sweet potato at all.

Previous tasting notes:
[ I really liked these.  The cornbread flavor was strong, they were hearty and a tiny bit gritty, really quite good.  I had some with chili, and they went perfectly with it.  I also had some with chipotle cream cheese spread on them, and that worked great as well. ] [ I really love the grit and flavor from the cornmeal in here.  Very true to the "cornbread" name, but a cracker.  Paired nicely with potato salad and pickles! ] [ I again liked these, nice bit of grit from the cornbread aspect.  Paired nicely with my chili with cheese and crème fraîche! ]
Pizza "n Stuff.
"Pizza crackers with hidden carrot".

These had a good crunch, subtle tomato flavor, but not really any cheese flavor, which I’d expect from a “pizza” snack. Meh.

[ No Photo ]
Cheddar N' Stuff Super Crackers

"Cheddar crackers with hidden broccoli". 

Tasting notes: Like Goldfish crackers, with subtle broccoli thing going on, not particularly great.  If you really needed to get your kids eating broccoli, I could see how these would work.  My least favorite of the products I tried.

Stix in the Mud

Perhaps not the most appealing name, but, Stix in the Mud is their "healthy" alternative to candy bars.
Caramel Stix in the Mud.
“Chewy caramel mixed with crunchy, savory whole grain flour cookie bits covered in pure milk chocolate .”

Tasting notes: Thin milk chocolate layer surrounding caramel, small amount of cookie bits in it. Very sweet. Would go well with coffee?

Update review: Mediocre chocolate surrounding mediocre caramel, little bits of cookie for some crunch.  Totally mediocre all around.
Peanut Butter Stix in the Mud.
"Creamy natural peanut butter mixed with crunchy, savory whole grain flour cookie bits covered in pure milk chocolate".

Tasting notes: Chocolate and peanut butter are always a winning combination, but this wasn't all that remarkable.  Just sweetened peanut butter with a little crunch, some chocolate coating.

Wholly Granolly Clusters

And what is a Wholly Granolly Cluster?  "A poppable, wholesome and crunchy granola snacks perfect for busy folks on the go!", clearly!
Peanut Butter Pretzel Wholly Granolly Clusters.
“Crunchy toasted oats, peanuts, natural peanut butter, and pretzels.”

These are a fun idea, I like the crunchy snacky big clusters of granola, but I didn’t actually like these. Mostly puffed rice, not granola. Little bits of pretzel and some subtle peanut flavor. But, did not like.

[ No Photo ]
Double Chocolate Chip Wholly Granolly Clusters

"Crunchy toasted oats, chocolate chips and fresh cocoa".

Tasting notes: Chunks of granola stuffs, puffed rice, chocolate chips. Decent. Good chocolate flavor. [ Hmm, kinda ok, but not that great ] [ Chocolate chips have ok chocolate flavor, chocolate crispies are kinda earthy, decent. ]
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