Sunday, March 24, 2013

Bees and Beans Chocolates

This year, as always, I attended the Good Food Awards Marketplace at the Ferry Building, where many of the artisans who won awards presented their winning goods.

The Good Food Awards span many delicious categories, including cheese, charcuterie, pickles, preserves, spirits, beer, coffee, confections, and a personal favorite of mine: chocolate.  Bees and Beans offered up my favorite chocolate, a mint bar.  I liked it so much, that I purchased one to bring home.  I'd say it was my favorite bite of the day, but I think that honor really goes to the delicious Bourbon Chicken Liver Mousse I discovered in the charcuterie section.  Drool.
Mint Bar.  $5.
Described as: "70% Dark chocolate shell filled with Oregon mint cream fondant".

Tasting notes from the event: The mint flavor was incredibly strong and the fondant was really creamy.  The dark chocolate shell was high quality.  It was everything you've ever wanted out of a mint and chocolate combination, better than any peppermint patty, Thin Mint, etc.

So, I bought this one, since I loved it so much at the tasting.  When I had the full size bar at home however, I didn't like it nearly as much.  The dark chocolate was ok, but not memorable.  The real change was the filling, it wasn't creamy at all, very thick.  It was still intensely mint flavored, but I wouldn't rave about it like I originally did.  Boo.  Not sure what was different, I ate it pretty immediately, so it isn't like it had gotten stale ...
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