Sunday, April 14, 2013

Nirvana Chocolate

This is a bit random.  The chocolates I review tend to come from a few different sources - chocolate festivals, events at my local chocolate shop, gifts from friends visiting from afar, or, Christmas gifts from my family.  This chocolate falls in the later category.  Once my family members learned that I was into chocolate, they started filling my stocking with it every year.   The problem is, it tends to be not exactly the best chocolate: Hershey, Russel Stover, or if I was really lucky, Lindt.

I  was surprised to receive a bar I hadn't heard of, as I wasn't familiar with the Nirvana label, and had basically zero expectations for it.  It turns out they are a Belgian chocolate maker, making 72% bars with a variety of mix-ins, and are all also organic and vegan.  I won't be seeking them out myself, but this wasn't bad.
Organic Dark Chocolate with Blueberry and Açai Fruit.
Described as "72% cocoa dark Belgian chocolate with blueberry and açai fruit."  I expected to find bits of blueberry or açai in the bar, but it was smooth and homogenous.  Looking at the ingredients revealed "blueberry flavor" and "açai flavor", which you could pick up on as subtle berry tones perhaps.  It seemed very chocolatey tasting for only a 72%.  Smooth texture and a nice snap to it.  Not bad.
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