Sunday, May 19, 2013


My friend Emil is from Sweden.  He recently took a trip home, and asked if there were any treats I'd like him to return with.  The answer was easy: liquorice!  The Swedish do not mess around with their liquorice (they also spell it in a more interesting way).  It isn't strawberry flavored, or loaded full of sugar.  It has some bite.  You TASTE the anise flavor.  My favorites are the super salty ones.  Whenever I visit candy shops in the US and ask about their salty licorice, I'm always told that "oh, it is really salty, you might not like it, it is an acquired taste". Well, I've acquired it.

He brought back an assortment of licorice, certainly the fanciest I've ever seen.
Frosted Chocolate Glazed Liquorice Sticks.
First, the presentation!  The box opened up to reveal two layers of liquorice sticks.  The liquorice was their 6% salty liquorice, coated in 63% Valhrona dark chocolate, and then rolled in flakes of fleur de sel.

The salt and chocolate combination was a real winner.  The liquorice and salt combination was also a winner.  The whole thing together was a bit odd however, as the chocolate almost masked the liquorice too much.  Luckily,the quality of the liquorice was so high that it was able to shine through.  I really liked the soft, yet slightly chewy, texture.

These were really interesting, but I think I'd prefer to just taste the liquorice, hold the chocolate.
Premium Salty Liquorice.
Next up was their standard salty liquorice, made with 6% liquorice root.  It had a good chew, decent flavor, and a slight amount of saltiness.  If it were a US liquorice, I'd say it was phenomenal, but I was expecting either stronger anise or more salt.  It was still very good, and I'd eat it again.
Raw Liquorice.
What is raw liquorice anyway?  Just that - 100% organic raw liquorice   Nothing else added.  Their regular products are only 6% liquorice.

First, it isn't soft and chewy like the others.  It is more like hard candy.  And, as you'd expect, intensely liquorice flavored!

These were really intriguing, but I missed being able to chew on the liquorice.  Still intensely tasty though.
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