Friday, September 20, 2013

Green Giant Chips

Green Giant makes chips.  Yes, THAT Green Giant, (unless there are multiple companies with the same name and same ridiculous green man), apparently makes ... chips?  What?  I never expected to see the giant outside of the canned and frozen veggie aisles!

They make two types of chips: roasted veggie tortilla chips and multigrain sweet potato chips, both in several flavors.  I guess the veggie focus fits with the rest of their products?

I honestly have no recollection of where I got these.  I found them in my pantry.  I'm sure I didn't seek them out, but can't for the life of me figure out where they came from.

Anyway, yes, Green Giant makes snack foods.  Who knew?  
Multigrain Barbecue Sweet Potato Chips.
I guess I should have looked at the picture on the front more closely, as I was kinda shocked when I pulled out the first chip.  It looked nothing like a regular chip.  That crazy green giant, mixing things up!  Each chip was either square or rectangular, but then curved (see example chip I'm holding up in front of the bag above).

They had a heartiness, and a somewhat interesting texture, I guess due to the "multigrain"-ness of them. The sweet potato flavor was also there.  Not greasy at all.  A healthy tasting chip, but not in a bad way.  That all worked for me, but I didn't really like the barbecue seasoning.  I generally like barbecue chips, but in this case, it was just strange with the sweet potato.

Green Giant also makes the sweet potato chips in basic sea salt, which I'm guessing would be more successful.

I passed these off to Ojan, who immediately said he didn't like barbecue chips, but he tried them anyway.  And then tried a few more.  He laughed, saying he was "pulling a Julie", continuing to eat them just to figure out if he liked them or not.

Both of us concluded that they weren't bad, but they also just weren't very good.  So we passed them off to another co-worker, who proceeded to do just about the same thing, trying several, just to figure out if he liked them or not.
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