Sunday, September 15, 2013

Nuubia Chocolat

It has been a while since I've found a new local chocolate maker.  For a while, it seemed like there was a new one to try every week, but I finally thought I'd exhausted the supply of local chocolatiers.  And then I found Nuubia, a recent addition to the local chocolate scene, based in Pleasanton, founded in 2011.

The main chef has won numerous awards over his career, and was even the "Executive Chocolate Chef" for the Wynn group in Vegas. I had no idea that chocolate chefs existed!  They also care a lot about the environment, using GMO-free ingredients, but also donating 15% of their revenue to conservation efforts in the areas where they source the chocolate.

I only tried a few pieces, but would like to try more.
Chocolate Ganache Bonbon.
"70% dark chocolate silken ganache covered with rich dark chocolate couverture."

Wow, they weren't joking with the "silken ganache" description.  This was incredibly, incredibly creamy, or, I guess, silky.  Covered in a thin dark chocolate shell.  It was decent chocolate, but I didn't really detect much subtlety or complexity to it.  But so very smooth.
Chocolate Espresso Crunchies.

"Caramelized rice crispies drenched in rich dark chocolate with a shot of espresso."

These were quite tasty.  Sorta like a cross between a chocolate covered espresso bean and rice crispies?  I loved the crunch.  The dark chocolate was high quality and deeply bitter.  The bitter was accented by the intense espresso flavor.  This was perhaps the first time in my life where I've really understood why anyone would want "mocha" flavor.  The chocolate and espresso were a great combo!

These were delightful by the handful along with my cup of coffee, but I could imagine being really awesome sprinkled on top of ice cream too.
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