Thursday, January 23, 2014

Vive la Tarte

I recently attended a morning event featuring baked goods and fruit from Vive la Tarte.  This was my first encounter with them.

A local SF bakery, they use all organic local ingredients, like butter from Straus Family Creamery, and milk, cream, eggs from Clover.  I enjoyed everything, and would love to try more of their products, particularly the very fascinating sounding sweet potato, pumpkin, and chestnut tart I saw on their menu!
Croissant Au Beurre, Pain au Chocolat. $3.25 
To start, croissants!

I didn't try the plain croissant au beurre, but it was golden and really flaky looking.

Instead I went for the pain au chocolat.  Why have a plain croissant when you can have a chocolate one? :)

Again, really golden on the outside, flaky on the inside.  Decent dark chocolate filling.  Not mind blowing, but good.

I don't know what these were called officially, but they were swirls of croissant dough, filled with raisins and a sweet filling, covered in powdered sugar.

This was my favorite.  Crispy, flaky croissant dough was standard enough, and I actually don't like raisins much, but I loved how the sweet filling spilled out and got somewhat caramelized.  Sweet and delicious overall.
Tropical Fruit Salad.  $3.75.
And, some fruit to make myself feel like I was actually getting SOME nutrients ...

"Freshly sliced organic fruits with a zest of lime and young mint leaves. "

The fruit was a mix of mango, kiwi, and pineapple.  They were all astonishingly good, really ripe, really fresh.  The little essence of lime and mint was nice too.  This was honestly some of the best fruit I've had in months, really surprisingly given that it was all tropical, not local, fruit.

Not pictured is the fresh squeezed orange juice.  It was also really good!
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