Friday, May 23, 2014


Somersaults are one of my favorite snack foods.

Like chips, they are the ideal form factor for snacking, perfectly crunchy.  But unlike chips, they offer something nutritionally, as they are made from from sunflower seeds, wheat, and sesame seeds.

According to the company, "Somersault Snacks are a nut-free, healthy sunflower seed snack. Somersaults provide impactful nutrition offering the same amount of protein with just half the fat of a serving of almonds and fewer calories."

Many snack bars make similar claims, but, unlike snack bars, Somersaults are actually tasty, and come in both sweet or savory versions, whichever matches your mood.  I'll definitely continue seeking these out!
Cinnamon Crunch.
"Cinnamon Crunch bakes warm cinnamon into our whole wheat dough to create a delightful yet healthy treat. A little sprinkle of sweetness makes this perfect crunchy snack a coffee pairing delight!"

I really liked this flavor.  Super crunchy, perfect size to snack on.  Hearty from the seeds, only a tiny bit sweet. A healthy tasting, yet slightly desserty, treat.  Some sweetness came from cane sugar, but I tasted the molasses more.  I liked the subtly from added chicory as well.

Perfect for when I want something not quite savory, but not an all out sugar bomb.  I'd gladly get these again.
Dutch Cocoa.
An interesting flavor combination, with the seeds and cocoa.  It wasn't that successful for me, but I guess this is a healthier chocolate snack choice, if you are craving chocolate?
Santa Fe Salsa.
Made with chili pepper, cilantro, a touch of jalapeƱo and a dash of lime.

These had a nice kick to them.  My favorite flavor, by far.
Salty Pepper, Pacific Sea Salt.
I started with the Salty Pepper.  I really didn't like the pepper.  It was too strong and didn't mix well with the other flavors in the little nuggets.

Yet, somehow, I wound up with another bag of these.  And this time, the pepper was more subtle.  It wasn't awful, but I still don't want pepper on my snacky-snacks!  My least favorite flavor.

Next, I moved on to the simple Pacific Sea Salt, made from salt is sourced from the SF bay.  These were nice and hearty, with a good saltiness, quite decent.  Like all the varieties, I loved the crunch.
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