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Naked Fish Sushi

I haven't actually been to Naked Fish.  Well, that isn't true, I have been to the restaurant, but I haven't dined there.  Instead, I did something a bit risky.  I got takeout sushi.  Certainly not something I normally do.  But, Ojan has been craving sushi, and isn't able to go out to restaurants, so, I decided to bring sushi to him.

I did hedge my bets however.  I had to make good decisions on what to order.  I knew nigiri wouldn't be a great idea.  Thus my order was quite different than what I'd get if I went to eat at a sushi restaurant, I added plenty of "safe" items, like miso soup, seaweed salad, and vegetarian items.  It was all ... highly mediocre.  Not awful or anything, but not very good, and I see no reason to return.

If you do want to get takeout sushi, I continue to say, get it from Roka Akor.  I really don't think you can do better.
Tofu Miso Soup.
Sushi meals must begin with either miso or edamame right?

The miso was basic, with a few bits of tofu, and a few bits of seaweed.  Salty, comforting, but nothing special.  Ojan enjoyed the soup, and commented that he really missed miso.

Chopsticks were provided in my togo bag, but no spoon.  Sipping from a cute little miso bowl in a sushi restaurant is one thing, drinking out of this was a bit strange though.

Normally $2, but included as part of the lunch combo I ordered.
Wakame Salad.  $5.00.
I wanted something to fall back on, in case the sushi wasn't very good, so I ordered a side of seaweed salad.

It was very standard, basic seaweed salad.  A mix of seaweeds, a little seasoning, sprinkling of sesame seeds on top.  It seemed under-dressed.  Of course it got stuck in my teeth.

It wasn't particularly good, nor bad, and the $5 price seemed high for the portion.  When I saw the price, I assumed it was going to be a really large portion, or at least have more interesting seaweeds in it, but it was the same as you can get basically anywhere, for more like $2.50.  Not worth $5, and I wouldn't get it again.
California Roll & Spicy Tuna Roll. $7.95.
Ojan asked for a California roll and a Spicy Tuna Roll, so I was happy to see them offered together as a lunch combo (which included the miso).  Each roll came with 6 pieces.

The California roll was a simple classic, with snow crab and avocado.  The crab meat tasted fresh enough, and there was a generous amount in each piece.  I had to avoid the avocado due to my (non-life threatening) allergy.

The Spicy Tuna I really didn't like, although, I'm starting to think I just don't really like red tuna very much.  It was mushy, and not at all spicy.  No one would criticize them for having too much mayo in their spicy tuna, in fact, I'm not sure it had any.  It did have cucumber.  Really, this seemed like a cucumber and tuna roll, not a spicy tuna.  Ojan commented, "I see why you didn't like this".  He likes tuna, and thought this wasn't tasty (not that it had gone bad or anything).

The rice in both the rolls was disappointing.  Slightly sticky, but not well seasoned, and mushy.

Wasabi and ginger were included, both in tiny portions, not nearly enough for the rolls in the box, and, no more was provided with the additional pieces I ordered.  Far too little of each, although both were just standard.  Soy sauce came in little containers, which didn't seal tightly and thus spilled all over my bag, but were nice to dunk into.  I never know what to do with just soy sauce packets in takeout sushi, since you want to dunk!  Ideally, you'd get an empty container, and a packet of soy sauce.  Or, a container that actually seals ...

At Naked Fish, California roll is normally $6 and the spicy tuna is normally $5, but the lunch combo was $7.95, a great price for two rolls.  I wouldn't get either again though.
Tamago Nigiri, Inari Nigiri. $3.00 each.
And finally, two of my favorite choices when I go to not-high-end sushi restaurants: tamago and inari.  At nicer places I'm all about the fish, but, for mid-range sushi, I do enjoy inari and tamago.  Even at a fancy sushi restaurant, I normally order tamago as my "dessert".

The inari was pretty standard, slightly sweetened bean curd.  Like the rolls, the rice was not very good.  They also seemed to add sesame seeds to everything.  I liked the sweet wrapper, but, the rice really ruined this.

The tamago was better than I expected, you could actually see some layering action.  It was slightly sweetened.  My favorite piece of the entire meal.

Neither of these came with any additional wasabi or ginger.

Each pair was $3, which seems about standard.
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