Thursday, June 12, 2014

Special Ben & Jerry's: Margarita Pie.

Ben & Jerry's isn't exactly novel.  I've reviewed Ben & Jerry's fairly extensively before, and a few weeks ago I even reviewed some of the Ben & Jerry's flavors that I recently consumed in Europe.  So I'll skip all the basics.  You know Ben & Jerry's.   

I recently attended Chipotle's Cultivate Festival in San Francisco, and at the event, Ben & Jerry's introduced a special flavor: Margarita Pie.  It was available at the festival only, a one time thing.

Margarita pie was described as lime ice cream with shortbread-crust crumbles and "gooey tequila-marshmallow swirls." Now, I don't really like lemon or lime desserts.  But, this was a one time opportunity, I had to take it, right?  I can't resist trying more ice cream.
Margarita Pie Ice Cream.
Let's just say, trying out this limited edition flavor was most certainly not worth the wait, at least for me.

The ice cream base was indeed lime-y, and did taste a fair amount like a margarita.  Which, if you like these things, might be good.  It was loaded up with generous chunks of the shortbread pie crust, which added a good texture.  I appreciated the distribution of the chunks, how many of them there were, and the seemingly perfect size of the chunks, but they paled in comparison flavor-wise to the graham cracker cookie crumble in the Strawberry Cheesecake flavor I just recently had.  As for the "gooey tequila-marshmallow swirls", I didn't find anything that I'd identify as gooey.  Or tequila-y.  Or marshmallow.  Or a swirl for that matter.  So, yeah, no idea where those were supposed to be.

Overall, yes, this was lime ice cream with some shortbread crumbles.  Which was fine, just not particularly exciting to me, and I felt cheated of my marshmallow swirls!
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