Sunday, September 14, 2014

Justin's Peanut Butter Cups

Justin's is a company that primarily makes nut butters: almond, peanut, and hazelnut.  They come in versions sweetened with maple syrup or honey, and in fun vanilla or chocolate flavors.  More novel than the flavors is the fact that the peanut butter doesn't just come in jars, Justin's also sells squeeze packs, incredibly convenient for packing lunches, or, as I often do, for use on airplanes!  It is incredibly fun to make fresh peanut butter and jelly sandwiches on flights.  Your seat mates will be jealous, I promise.
Single Serve Squeeze Pack: Classic Peanut Butter.
I've had the nut butters before, and they are fine, but never nearly as good as my favorite Peanut Butter & Co peanut butter, so I don't usually buy it.  Protip though, definitely squeeze and knead it before you open it, otherwise, what comes out at first is just the oil, it does separate.

But, besides just the nut butters, they make one other product: peanut butter cups!  You know how much I love chocolate, and how I think peanut butter is pretty much the best thing to pair with chocolate, so I was very excited when one generous co-worker showed up with a pack of peanut butter cups, just so I could try them out.  Thank you!
Milk Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups.
The peanut butter cups are available in milk or dark chocolate; I had the milk chocolate.

The milk chocolate coating was very smooth and creamy.  But the peanut butter inside was even smoother, even creamier.  And, gasp, it tasted like actual peanut butter, not like corn syrup, like some certain Reese's cups.

The aspect of these that was most interesting to me was the ratio of chocolate to peanut butter.  The chocolate layers were each individually as thick as the peanut butter filling, so with chocolate on top and bottom, it really dominated.  I found this surprising, since you would think that they'd want to feature the peanut butter more, as it is their main product.

Overall, these were quite good, and I liked the peanut butter much more than the similar style cups made by Unreal, and the overall result was much better than the fancy peanut butter cups from Jer's Squares.
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