Sunday, October 12, 2014

Spicely Chocolate

Spicely is a local California company, specializing in organic spices.  Their products are all USDA certified organic and gluten-free.  As a spice company, they are mostly known for spices and seasoning blends, although they also make teas.  In fact, when I buy spices at Whole Foods, I usually wind up with Spicely products.  But neither of these are things I ever review.  They also take their spices and teas, and use them to infuse something I do like: chocolate!

I discovered their chocolate recently when I stumbled past their store on Market Street.  I also had no idea that they had a storefront.  I didn't price check, but I imagine it is cheaper to just get spices directly there rather than through Whole Foods.  Anyway, they infuse all types of chocolate, ranging from milk,  to dark, to even white "chocolate".  Most of the chocolates are infused with their teas, although a few are also made from their spices.  The chocolate comes as little disks, not fully formed bars, just a bite each.

I wasn't too impressed with any I tried, as the flavors seemed to just be too subtle.  Given the names, and the powerhouse spices and teas infusing them, I wanted more. 
Chai Infused Dark Chocolate.
One of my co-workers brought in a tin full of the chai infused dark chocolate just a few days after I first found Spicely.  I guess I wasn't the only one lured in by their "free chocolate samples" sign :)

When I opened the tin, the aroma from the chai spicing was lovely.  The chai flavors were delicate, a really fun addition to basic chocolate.  The chocolate was a mild dark chocolate, only 60% dark, lighter than I prefer, but I think any stronger and it would have masked the chai flavor.

Overall this was good, and I enjoyed it, but I wouldn't seek it out.

The other dark chocolate I tried is their Raspberry Rooibos.  Also a 60% Dark Chocolate.  Unfortunately, it didn't have much flavor at all, and I didn't taste any raspberry.
Organic Saffron White Chocolate.
I like to pick up little treats for Ojan, and I always think it is fun to bring him things with common persian ingredients.  Whenever I spot something with rosewater, pomegranate, pistachios, or saffron, I have to get it!

So when I saw a white chocolate infused with saffron, I had no choice.  Particularly since he can't eat chocolate, but since white chocolate has no cocoa, this would be fine.

I of course took one for myself.  I really didn't care for it.  I do sometimes like white chocolate, and I do like saffron, but somehow, this just tasted strangely bitter.
Organic Bedouin's Mint Milk Chocolate.
"This milk chocolate is blended with nanamint, peppermint, ginger and orange peel."

Finally, I got a milk chocolate.

I didn't care for this either.  I wanted something minty, and this really didn't have much mint flavor to it at all.  How is that possible given all the mints?  Orange is the aspect I tasted the most, but even that was very subtle.  I wouldn't get this again either.
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