Sunday, February 15, 2015


Chocolove is a chocolate bar manufacturer located in Colorado.  They make 24 varieties of bars, starting with a 55% basic dark chocolate, a 65% richer dark chocolate, a 70% strong version, all the way up to extra strong (77%).  They also make bars with mix-ins, like cherries & almonds, orange peel, chilies & cherries, salted peanuts, peach and pecans, and so on, in both milk and dark chocolate varieties.

The bars are sold at Whole Foods, right near the registers, and many of my friends pick them up to bring to parties.  I recognize the wrappers instantly.  I know I've tried many of them, numerous times, but ... they have never been memorable enough to even take notes on.  I feel like I've failed you a bit here, but honestly, I just don't remember a thing about them, besides that they are all generally "okay".

So when I was recently given a bar, I took my job seriously, and tried to take notes.
Strong Dark Chocolate, 70%.
"Strong, bittersweet Belgian dark chocolate crafted to deliver an exceptionally smooth experience in dark chocolate".

I went for the strong dark chocolate bar, coming in at 70%.

It was ... unremarkable.  The snap to the chocolate was ok.  It wasn't too bitter, it wasn't too mild.  But the flavor just wasn't very complex.  It just ... was.

I really tried to take better notes.  I tried to taste subtleties, to tell you about the blackberry on the finish, or the slight earthy undertones.  But there weren't any.  This chocolate just wasn't interesting.  Perhaps the 77% is better?

And I'm sorry to all my friends who regularly buy this brand, it has just never impressed me!
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