Friday, June 05, 2015

Dolcetto Wafers

Dolcetto is sorta a one trick pony, specializing in a variety of wafer products, starting with classic layered wafer squares filled with chocolate, vanilla, or even "tiramisu", aka, coffee, cream.  Slightly more interesting are the wafer rolls, like thin cigars stuffed with chocolate, vanilla, tiramisu, or cappuccino cream.  Their final product is "petite wafer bites", in classic chocolate, lemon, or cookies and cream.  I tried the wafer bites.

Dolcetto means "little sweet one" in Italian, which, pretty much sums up what this product is.  Little sweet things.  They were enjoyable, probably great alongside a coffee.
Petite Wafer Bites: chocoalte.
"Filled with velvety molten chocolate, each bite-sized cookie offers a unique balance of crisp and creaminess."

I didn't really expect to like this, as I thought they would just be like little cookies, and I'm not really a big cookie person.  I figured I'd try one, and hand my package off to Ojan.  Spoiler: he didn't get any.

These are hard to describe.  The outside reminds me of a waffle cone, and the inside is a soft creamy milk chocolate.  Not "molten" as they claim, but certainly "velvety", and really quite good.  I loved how satisfying it was to munch on these individual bite size pieces.

So yes, stepping back, they were basically little ice cream cone pieces filled with chocolate.  Sorta like what you want the tip of a Drumstick ice cream to be, but, even better.

Speaking of ice cream, the packaging also recommends freezing them.  Which, given my comparison with a Drumstick tip, makes total sense, so I quickly froze my next package.  I didn't like it as much this way, since the creamy chocolate center was part of the appeal, and, it was no longer creamy once frozen solid.
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