Friday, October 02, 2015

Hoots, UK

You know how much I love trying new snack foods, particularly when traveling.  On a trip to the UK, I discovered Hoots.

Hoots are a "healthier alternative to traditional potato crisps".  They are baked, not fried.

They contain whole grains and seeds.  No MSG.  No artificial junk.  Etc.  Available in 5 flavors, including the basic sounding salt & vinegar and salt & pepper, slightly more interesting cheese & onion or pickled onion, and ... smoked bacon.  You can guess which I went for.
Smoked Bacon Hoots.
"Delicious bite-sized  Hoots  bursting with flavour and a mix of wholegrains and seeds for a more satisfying eat..."

These were really ... different.

They were indeed somewhat wholesome, I could taste the seeds inside.  I didn't taste bacon exactly, but they were quite savory, salty, and a bit addicting.

The crunch factor was high, and more enjoyable to snack on than a chip.  Like a cracker perhaps, but much more interesting?

I oscillated between loving these and just being fascinated by them and not really liking them.  I'm still not sure what side I ended up on.  I think that means I'd try them again.
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