Thursday, November 05, 2015

Alfajores from Sabores del Sur

Sabores del Sur is local small catering company, specializing in South American treats.  They were born out of the La Cocina incubator program, where I discovered their treats at the La Cocina stand in the Ferry Building.  Now, in addition to catering, they also have a restaurant.  Certainly a La Cocina success story.

I don't know anything about their catering business, but their sweet treats, the alfajores, are known all over town as the best.  You can find the alfajores at cafes around town, and even at Whole Foods now.  Even though I'm not a huge cookie fan, I had to try them, because, well, if the are the best, how could I not?  I'm sooo glad I did.
“Delicate round butter cookies filled with creamy dulce de leche caramel and dusted with white powdered sugar”.

I tried one, still expecting "just a cookie", and figured I'd hand over the package to Ojan.

I was shocked.  These were really good!  The cookie was buttery and delicious.  The filling was sweet, who doesn't love dulce de leche?  The powdered sugar all over them added even more sweetness.  Alfajores seems to be very ideal pairings with black coffee.

I also had a package that somehow got old before I broke into it.  The cookies were not stale tasting exactly, but they crumbled into tiny bits and developed a chalky texture.  Whoops.  The filling got a bit crunchy, rather than creamy, which I actually liked, basically like a cross between dulce de leche and toffee.  I extracted the tasty filling and just ate it on its own, which was perfectly enjoyable.  But, uh, don't let them get stale.
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