Wednesday, November 04, 2015

Radish Restaurant

Radish is an American restaurant in the Mission, known in particular for their brunches (served not only on weekends, but Wed, Thurs, and Fri too!)

I do love brunch, but that is not why I swung by Radish one day.  You see, they are also known for ... their root veggie chips.  Yes, really, I'd go out of my way for chips.

I've been a little obsessed with chips lately.  I'm not sure what it is, something about the crispiness, the oral fixation with munching on them, the addicting saltiness ...

I've been exploring all sorts of chips, and root veggie chips are far better than standard potato in my mind, so when I read that Radish makes house made root vegetable chips that people seem to love, I had to pick some up.
Root Vegetable Chips.  $3.50.
I'm not certain what types of root vegetables were included, but there were at least two kinds, including taro.  Mmm, taro, an ingredient I absolutely love.

The chips were indeed kinda awesome.  Thin, very crispy, great flavor, nicely salted.  Obviously fresh made, so much better than any packaged chips.  Yes, just the chips alone were great, but obviously I wish that, like the plantain and root veggie chips at Le Mar, they came with awesome dipping sauces.

I'd gladly pick these up rather than buying a bag of chips any day, and $3 isn't that much more expensive than a bag of Terra chips anyway ...
Radish Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato
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