Thursday, March 10, 2016

China Express & Donut

Although we have plenty of excellent food served to us at our office, sometimes, we just want donuts.  And donuts are against the company policy as something that can be served by the cafe, so, we have to take matters into our own hands.

It is always amusing to me to see what different people do when tasked to bring in donuts.  Sometimes we wind up with crazy fancy, trendy donuts, like those from Pyscho donuts (remember those? Seriously epic!)  Other times, its a box of Krispy Kreme.  Usually, the offering is something in-between those extremes, just donuts from whatever donut shop was near the house of the person who brought them in.

Hence, I wound up with donuts from "China Express & Donut" one day.  I haven't been there, but, as you might guess from the name, it is a combination Chinese restaurant and donut shop, located in the Mission.  From what I can tell, it isn't even really a restaurant, more like a counter on one side with donuts, a counter with steam trays on the other with pre-made Chinese food.  They have neon signs.

Let's just say ... I didn't have high expectations, but, the donuts did come in a classic pink box, so, points for that.
Glazed, raised donut.  $0.85.
This was actually a pretty good, classic donut.

It was light and fluffy, with a nice amount of glaze that covered both the top AND the bottom.  Points for the glaze job.

It did have a slight bad fried taste, just a bit too fried, or the oil a bit too stale.  But it was far better than any donut I've had from Posh or even than Krispy Kreme, so, better than average?
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