Monday, April 18, 2016

Eva Rodrigo via Zaarly

Last week I shared with you a review of some interesting sounding baked goods I got via a service called Zaarly.  As I mentioned then, Zaarly no longer offers food products, but, when they did, I tried some very interesting jams and sauces from a vendor named Eva Rodrigo.

I'm not able to find any information on her current shop, so I think she must no longer be producing these products, but, they really quite unique and tasty.
Caramelized Onion & Pedro XImenez Compote. $11.
"Caramelized onions with a reduction of Spanish wine in an easily spreadable jam.  Great for bread, cheeses, meats, but specially with foie gras."

Well, this one had my name all over it.  Perfect with foie gras?  I was in, and quickly bought a jar.

 It was absolutely delicious.  Deeply caramelized onions, really complex flavor from the wine.  Yes, it was great paired with foie gras, but it was also delicious spread on bread on its own, or with cheese.

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I also tried a few more items:
  • Strawberry & Aged Balsamic Jam.  Tasting notes: This was a really great jam.  Full of chunks of strawberry, but balanced by the balsamic.  It was delicious on bread.  If I didn't have jars and jars of my mom's homemade strawberry jam, I'd get more of this.
  • Campari Tomato & Saffron Jam: Tasting notes:  Also absolutely delicious, almost like a tomato sauce, but thicker.  It was great on bread, with cheese, and particularly combined with the caramelized onion jam too.  My second favorite for the spreads I tried.
  • Salsa Romesco. "Roasted red peppers combined with ground almonds, hazelnuts, olive oil, tomatoes, chili peppers and vinegar to make a smooth, rich sauce that tastes great simply spread on a slice of rustic bread."  Tasting notes: I normally like romesco, but this didn't do it for me.  The only spread of hers that I didn't love. 
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