Friday, April 01, 2016

Tyrrell's Old English Crisps

Short and sweet today.

I like snacks.  I like chips.  I travel.  I try random things in other countries.

At some point, I went to England.  I tried Tyrrell's "Old English Chips".  My American readers will know these as "chips".  Tyrell's also makes other packaged snack foods, like "nibbles" (rice crackers, coated peanuts, etc), tortilla chips, and "poshcorn" (popcorn!), but, the crisps are all I tried.

Old English Crisps

"We're Tyrrells of Tyrrells Court Farm and we make fine English crisps from local Herefordshire potatoes. We cook them by hand in small batches and we always leave the jackets on. Well, it's only polite."

Crisps are the primary product line, and they offer quite a few flavors, some more, uh, interesting than others.  Starting with basic sea salt and ranging to "lobster cocktail", with many stops in-between (black pepper, coronoation chicken, sweet chili and red pepper, Sunday best roast chicken ...).  I never found the more unique flavors, so sadly, I can't telll you what a Worchestershire Sauce and Sundried Tomato chip tastes like.
Veg Crisps.
"A colourful union of earthy beetroots, sweet carrots and that unsung hero of the Sunday roast: the parsnip – all made to sing with a pinch of sea salt.".

The veggie crisps were all in tiny chunks, not full size chips as I expected.  I had a hard time distinguishing the carrots from the parsnips.  All were very oily, but the veggie flavor was decent.
Mature Cheddar Cheese & Chives.
"Little in life is quite as glorious as the tangy hit of mature cheddar in concert with the wonderfully oniony twang of that most snippable of herbs, the chive."

These were good crispy chips, and came in assorted sizes and shapes.

The cheddar wasn't very strong ... not as strong as I expected from the "mature" name.  The chive flavor was decent.  I wanted them to be more like cheddar and sour cream chips.
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