Friday, June 03, 2016

Gardetto's Snack Mix

The Gardetto Family Bakery started in Wisconsin in the 1930s, specializing in bread sticks.  Their claim to fame however is a snack mix that someone made from leftover bread sticks and other items in a special blend of seasonings.  The snack mix took off and became so successful that General Mills bought them in 1999.  Yup, the owners of another popular snack mix you may have heard of: Chex Mix.  Since I love snacks, I obviously have tried it.

The mix is available in several varieties, and other versions have existed over the years, but all follow an "authentic family recipe".

There is nothing really homemade tasting about this to me, nor did I really enjoy it.
Original Recipe.
I tried the "original recipe", which I quickly learned isn't really that original, as General Mills has changed it several times.

The spicing is a clever mix made from dried Worcestershire sauce (that is a thing?!), MSG, sugar, and corn syrup, plus salt, garlic powder, and onion powder.

Ah, now that explains it.  Sugar and MSG.  I sorta doubt the authenticity of the "dried worcestershire sauce" though.

Anyway, while there was some mild seasoning, I honestly didn't taste much sweet nor salty nor tangy.  The pieces weren't plain exactly, but, not nearly as flavorful as this mix would imply.
Original Recipe: Components.
The mix itself contains 5 different items.

The pretzels were, well, pretzels.  No real difference between the rods or the classic twists, and these items in particular didn't have much spicing.  I separated them out and dunked them in peanut butter, and enjoyed them much more that way.

Next were the little "bread" sticks, in two forms.  These tasted identical and were just hard little bread sticks.  They had minimal spicing, more than the pretzels.  I didn't care for them.

Finally, the rye chips.  These were almost good, and did have caraway inside for some actual flavor, but, they also tasted kinda burnt.  Still, my favorite of the items.
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