Friday, January 04, 2013


Q. Bel is a small company that produces treats without the use of HFCS, artificial ingredients, etc.  They offer several varieties, but all involve wafers and chocolate, either as rolls or bars.  I've tried some of the rolls, but lost my tasting notes on them, so below I have notes only on the wafer bars.

I really loved the sound of these products, but I didn't like them very much.  I appreciate the healthier spin on things, the use of quality ingredients and whole grain wafers, but the taste wasn't there for me.
Peanut Buttery Whole Grain Crispy Wafers.
Enrobed with 36% milk chocolate   These were sadly only ok.  I like chocolate and peanut butter, but these didn't totally do it for me.   It was kinda crappy chocolate, there was not enough peanut butter, and the wafer was boring.
Double Dark Chocolate Wafer Bars.
Enrobed with 70% dark chocolate. The wafer was again just a boring wafer.  The filling inside was creamy chocolate.  The entire thing was enrobed in dark chocolate.  This was ok, but not as good as it sounds.
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