Thursday, June 13, 2013

Cookies from Cupcake Cove

If you read the title of this post, you may be confused.  "Cookies from Cupcake Cove" ... why isn't she getting the cupcakes?  There are several reasons for that.  One, is that they only seed their LevelUp account with $2, which can purchase a cookie, but not a cupcake, and I've been enjoying the game of making my first purchase at an establishment be to only spend the seed money, to see if they are worthy of my real cash.  But, the real reason, is that the cupcakes just do not get good reviews.  And I'm a bit of a cupcake snob, so somewhere that doesn't get good reviews just doesn't seem worth it to me.

Cupcake Cove is a tiny little shop in the FiDi, open only during the week.  I've tried to stop by and get cookies a number of times, but they were always sold out when I visited during the afternoon, on my way back from the Crocker Galleria Farmer's Market.  So, I finally went to the market in the morning, and went to Cupcake Cove right at 11am.  I had almost the opposite problem this time; they told me that the cookies weren't quite ready, as they were just coming out of the oven and would be too hot!  Hmm, a hot fresh cookie isn't something they can serve me?  I looked a little puzzled, but asked when they'd be ready.  They said they were sorta ready, just too hot.  I said I didn't mind, in fact, a hot fresh cookie sounded great to me.  One of the workers agreed.  So, I got my pick of cookie, fresh out of the oven!

When I went to pay with LevelUp, they had the same problem that so many places I've been to recently had: the phone wasn't plugged in, and was dead.  It has been really interesting to see how different businesses deal with this.  Fresco Pizza and Shwarma got grumpy, demanded that I use cash instead, and eventually just told me to take my falafel and go.  They were rude and very upset that I was using LevelUp.  Back Yard Kitchen apologized and quickly plugged it in and booted it up.  Cupcake Cove was also very apologetic about it, and told me that since it was their fault the phone wasn't plugged in, I should just take the cookie.  I offered to wait a few minutes, or come back with my phone later, but they said not to worry about it and apologized again.  Such better service!
Ginger Cookie.  $1.75.
Served fresh out of the oven!  It was warm, moist, almost cake-like.  A large size.  There was some ginger flavor, but it wasn't anything spectacular.  I appreciated it for its freshness, but besides that, there wasn't much remarkable here.  The ginger cookie from L'Anjou was a zillion times better!