Monday, June 03, 2013

Catering by Bluestem Brasserie

I've been to Bluestem Brasserie twice, but never for a full meal.  I've just gone to sit in the bar/lounge area, mostly for desserts.  The desserts always sound (and look) incredible, and I've read amazing things about them, and you know what a dessert girl I am!  But unfortunately, I didn't really love any that I tried.

Given my lackluster dessert experiences, I haven't been compelled to go back to Bluestem since those first two visits, although I have a friend who swears by their brunch.  However, they were catering at an event I was at, so I got to try out some of their savory offerings.  Now, I know that catering is rarely something that comes out that well.  They are not working out of a real kitchen, trying to feed masses at once, etc.  I didn't have that high of expectations, but even so, I liked it less than I expected.

The staff however were great, dealing with the insane swarm of people that would come crashing in whenever they showed up with a new platter of food.  They did it all politely and with a smile, which is more than I can say for myself, as I got literally got crushed by a mass of crazy people, acting like this was the first food they'd seen in days.  I certainly threw some dirty looks.  It isn't like they just pushed me, or threw elbows, they literally crushed me!  Anyway, not Bluestem's fault, but I didn't care for their offerings.  Certainly not worth getting trampled over :)

"Miami-Style Cuban Sandwich". 
First up was a mini Cuban, roasted pork, ham, gruyere, house-cured pickles, dijon, on house-made Cuban Bread.

I'm not entirely sure what makes it "Miami-style", as that sounds like a regular Cuban to me!  They serve this on their regular lunch menu at the restaurant.

The bread I really did not like.  It was incredibly plain.  It did have lovely grill marks, but absolutely no flavor, and a slightly strange texture.  The ham and pork were both fine, but not particularly flavorful.  The cheese was nicely melted.  I didn't really taste any dijon.

So far, very, very mediocre.  The saving grace: the pickle slice!  I'd gladly eat a plate of their pickles, but I wouldn't ever order this sandwich.
Sweet Fried Plantain.
I love fried plantains.  I almost even joined in the crushing masses to get one.

But they weren't very good.  Oily, soggy, flavorless.   I'm sure some of the issue is that they were being served as catering.  Maybe fried offsite?  And I have no idea what the cream was on top.

I would not get these again.  Bluestem serves them as a side with the Cuban sandwich when you get it for lunch at the restaurant.