Sunday, April 07, 2013

Michael Mischer Chocolates

Another local chocolatier, whom I discovered when he did a guest appearance at my local chocolate shop.  He makes bars and filled truffles, although I've only tried the truffles, his signature item.  All are made with single origin cocoa.
Irish Whiskey Truffle.
  • Irish Whiskey Truffe: "Dark chocolate shell filled with an Irish Whiskey ganache".  Special St. Patrick's Day offering only. Tasting notes: I didn't read the box, so I didn't know it was an irish whiskey filling.  I thought it was just a dark chocolate shell with dark chocolate ganache inside.  The dark chocolate shell was smooth and shiny, with a nice snap, and the filling was creamy, but I did not taste any whiskey.  When I had a second one, after reading the box, I knew what I was in for, but I still did not tasty any whiskey.  Decent dark chocolate, but not that remarkable.
  • Coconut Truffle: "Dark chocolate shell filled with white chocolate ganache made with shredded coconut and coconut oil."  Tasting notes: Really fantastic.  High quality, flavorful dark chocolate, smooth, with an awesome snap when you bite into it.  Filling is creamy and has great coconut flavor and texture from shredded coconut.  Dark chocolate and coconut go together so well!  Everything you always wanted a Mounds to be, but it wasn’t :)
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