Friday, September 27, 2013

Ocean's Halo Seaweed Chips

I love to try out new snacks, particular salty, crunchy ones, like interesting chips.  So when I saw Ocean's Halo "seaweed chips", I was intrigued.  Unlike just dried seaweed snacks, these are actual chips, made from seaweed and rice flour.  According to their website, "Ocean’s Halo™ Seaweed Chips are the first totally delicious crispy, crunchy chip made from natural, sustainablely harvested and nutrient-rich seaweed. Perfect for anyone who craves a snack that is as delicious as it is nutritious."
Sea Salt.
I really couldn't figure these out.  I wanted to like them.  I loved the idea.  I like seaweed flavor.  But, after several tries, I'm still not really sure I liked them.  They were kinda fishy ... which I do appreciate in seaweed, but they were more like old fish fishy vs fresh fresh fishy, if that makes any sense.  They had a good crunch.  But … yeah, not quite right.
Hot & Spicy.
Next I tried the Hot & Spicy.  Same basic chip, which I liked for the crunch, but it was again too fishy for me.  The spices were great though, a nice amount of kick, but still quite pleasant, so I could easily eat a bunch of these.
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