Monday, June 15, 2015

Nation’s Giant Hamburgers & Great Pies

Nation's Giant Hamburgers & Great Pies.

I had never heard of this place, but it is a diner chain, with 28 locations, that has been around since the 1950s.  Started as a hot dog stand, expanded from there.  I guess pretty successful.

As you can guess from the name, they serve burgers.  Giant burgers.  The burgers are all 3/4 of a pound!  Along with regular hamburgers/cheeseburgers/bacon burgers, they also offer wild salmon, chicken, and meatless alternatives, plus hot dogs and grilled cheese.  Fries.  Shakes.  Pretty standard diner menu, plus all the breakfast classics (french toast, pancakes, eggs, toast, hash browns, etc).

Since the other half of the restaurant name is "& Great Pies", of course, they offer a slew of pies, including fruit pies (apple, berry, cherry, no sugar-added apple), classics (custard, pumpkin, pecan, lemon meringue), and a bunch of cream pies (banana creme, chocolate creme, coconut creme, lemon creme).  Pies are available whole, half, or by the slice, either a "regular" slice, aka a full 1/4 of a pie, or, perhaps more reasonable, a "small" slice that is only 1/6 of a pie.  Yes, finally, a place that understands "Parent family" slices!  It is still inconceivable to me that normal people think a pie can serve more than ~4 people.

I haven't actually visited any Nation's restaurants, but I got to try a pie when a co-worker brought one in.
Boysenberry Pie.  $9.95.
If you've read my posts about blackberries, and in particular, blackberry pie, you might know where this review is going.  I hate seeds.  And boysenberries have seeds.

But there was much more wrong with this pie than just my non-liking of seeds.

The filling reminded me of ... goo.  It sorta seemed like they just took a jar of jam and put it inside a pie.  It was sweet and well, gooey.  And, of course, loaded with seeds since it was boysenberry.  I really did not like the filling.

But the filling is only one component of a pie.  Even if a filling isn't good, I am more than happy to just devour crust, and this was a double crust pie.  As a crust lover, this made me excited.  Twice the goodness!

Except, the crust was really dry.  It wasn't decadently buttery, but rather oily instead.  I normally steal extra crust from others, and in this case, I didn't even want all of my crust.

So I didn't enjoy a single thing about this pie.  $9.95 for a whole fresh pie is a good price though.
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