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Sweet E's Bakeshop, Los Angeles

As you likely realize by now, baked goods, and well, any desserts, are pretty much my favorite things.  I love trying basically any and every baked good I come across, so I was thrilled when an event I attended had absolutely adorable cake pops supplied by Sweet E's Bakeshop, in Los Angeles.

In addition to a retail storefront, Sweet E's operates a food truck (which you can also book for events).  They seem to do a lot of special event catering, with or without the truck.  And they ship nationwide.  But what I was really surprised by is their local delivery network.  Their sweets are offered via basically every big delivery platform: Eat24, grubhub, Postmates, Doordash.  Yes, you can get same day, nearly instant, delivery of bakery products.  OMG.  Dear San Francisco, you need to catch up (random stale muffins from generic cafes does NOT count!).

So, what does Sweet E's offer?  Um ... everything?  OMG.

For cookies, you can go for any of the classics (chocolate chip, M&M, oatmeal, snickerdoodles, sugar), or slightly amped up (peanut butter white chocolate, trail mix, triple chocolate chunk, white chocolate chip, white chocolate macadamia), or French macaroons if you want a bit classier (in nearly 20 flavors), or even chocolate covered Oreos (with your choice of dark, milk, or white chocolate, or even peanut butter coating).  Or, opt for stuffed cookies, chocolate chip cookies stuffed with candy (Twix, Rolos, Peanut Butter Cups, etc).  Yes, full size candy, baked inside a cookie.  Wat?!

Maybe you like things dipped in chocolate, but didn't want the Oreos? You can also have strawberries or pretzels dipped in assorted chocolates and coatings (as in, dipped in dark chocolate and coated with say ... M&Ms).  Or a ridiculous range of candy coated caramel apples.

More of a brownie/bar person?  You've got more than 10 choices, including items like a loaded brownie with chocolate chips, pretzels, Oreos, cookie dough, and mini M&Ms or the "Peanut Butter Bliss" with a peanut butter and white chocolate fudge base, with marshmallows, rice krispies, and chocolate chips).  Or crispie treats, not just standard rice crispie treats, also cocoa puffs or fruity pebbles.

Are you more like me, more of a pie person?  You can get full size pies, mini pies, or pie "bites".  Prefer tarts?  Individual tarts, or tart "bites" are for you.  And they make chocolates, s'more's lollipops, treats for your dog (including pupcakes and dipped dog bones), and randomly, challah.

But from their menu, my eyes narrowed right in on the sweet popcorns.  I love, love, love popcorn and other snack mixes, sweet or savory.  Serious addict here.  And Sweet E's has a bunch of offerings, with all sorts of goodies mixed in.  Did I mention, OMG?

However, none of these items mentioned so far were available at the event.  The majority of the menu  (yes, I've barely gotten started) is devoted to cake products.  Yes, this already impressive lineup has more, much, much more.  Standard cakes, cupcakes, and cake pops.  Oh, and "cupcake push pops".  And cakes served in mason jars.

If you thought there was a lot of options already, then ... prepare to be overwhelmed.  Let's start with the classic layer cakes.  Offered in a whopping 39 varieties!  I won't enumerate them here, but they include multiple gluten-free and vegan options.  The peanut butter lover in me had a hard time looking past the Chocolate Peanut Butter Cake, with peanut butter mousse, crushed Reese's, and silky chocolate fudge between the layers of chocolate cake ... all coated in chocolate buttercream and topped with even more crushed Reese's peanut butter cups.  ZOMG.  I have a co-worker who I know would go nuts for the Nutella Praline Cake.  The S’more Cake, coated in toasted marshmallow buttercream, is a sight to behold.  And yes, those 39 are just the "classic" layer cakes.  They also make a slew of pre-designed cakes, or can take your logo or design and turn it into a stunning creation.

But let's move on.  Cupcakes.  A more modest selection, only offered in 26 varieties, many with beautiful garnishes.  And then ... cupcake push pops.  You can kinda guess what these are.  Sorta a hybrid between a classic layer cake and a cupcake, stuffed into a push pop.  Three layers of cake with frosting between, topped with even more frosting a la cupcake.  Here you can only pick between 11 varieties.

However, none of that was available either.  We had only cake pops, which, while still desserts, are one of my least favorites.  Really, I tend to not care for cake in general, I just don't generally get excited by cake and frosting, no matter what form you put it in.  I do tend to like cake pops more than classic cake, and, I mean, no matter what, I obviously had to try out a new bakery!

So I dug in.  I was glad I did.  I found one variety I really liked, and wish I had a chance to try more of Sweet E's offerings.  Next time I'm in town ...
Cake Pops! $3.25 each.
"Sweet E's cake pops are made of fully baked cake and frosting creating a moist, truffle-like center.  They are then dipped in chocolate, beautifully decorated, and individually wrapped and tied with a pink bow."

Sweet E's makes cake pops in 16 different flavors.

There are some that sound awesome, like Banana Split, Cookie Dough, Cookies 'N Cream, and Chocolate Peanut Butter.  They also have some citrus flavors (key lime, lemon), seasonal offerings (pumpkin spice of course), and more.

At the event though, they stuck with the classics, so I wasn't able to try any of the fun sounding ones.  I did of course take one of each of the three varieties available: Vanilla White Chocolate, Chocolate White Chocolate, and Red Velvet.

As you can see though, these aren't just standard round pops on a stick.  They have ears.  And adorable cat faces.  Each is individually wrapped, and tied with a bow.  So cute.

I started with the red velvet.  Like the others, it had a white chocolate shell of a good thickness.  The white chocolate was pleasantly sweet, not plastic-y.  But,  I’ll admit it, I don’t really like red velvet flavor.  The only element of red velvet I usually like is the cream cheese frosting, and this didn't have any I could taste.  So, it was just sorta chocoaltely red cake.  Meh.  Certainly not my flavor of choice.

Next I went for the vanilla white chocolate, expecting it to be plain and boring.  I was shocked to see the inside wasn't just white.  It was ... rainbow sprinkles!  Like, funfetti!  I actually really enjoyed this flavor, and devoured it in just a couple bites.  I tried to stop to take a photo, but alas, I devoured it way too fast.  It was sweet, it tasted like a birthday, and the consistency was great, very very moist.

Ok, maybe cake pops aren't always a let down ...
Chocolate White Chocolate: Inside.
Finally, I tried the chocolate white chocolate.  Here you can see the interior, I cut off a chunk to show you better.

This had the same nice sweet white chocolate shell, and moist textured cake/frosting mix on the inside, this time, chocolately.  It was fine, but since chocolate cake isn't really my thing, I saved the rest of this one for chocolate loving Ojan.
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