Friday, October 14, 2016

Rachel's Rice Pudding, UK

Pudding.  One of my favorite desserts, as un-fancy as it is.  I just like the stuff, what can I say?  I like regular pudding, rice pudding, bread pudding, and of course the more sophisticated spins on them like panna cotta, crème brûlée, etc.  There is a reason these all have labels on my blog!

And I'm not even talking about restaurant quality pudding, with additional garnishes and flourish.  I even like packaged pudding.

Of course, not all packaged pudding is created equal.  In fact, most often, um, it isn't actually very good, and tastes like plastic, like Snack Packs.  But then there are winners, like Juan J's rice pudding.

Rachel's turns out to be in the later category: seriously good packaged pudding!

But, you can't find it in the US.  Rachel's is a UK company, that makes dairy products, including milk, butter, and yogurt, but also ... desserts!  The dessert range includes a chocolate pudding, traditional rice pudding, and coconut rice pudding.

I don't think Rachel's is especially fancy in the UK.  It is sold in grocery stores, corner stores, and, where I found it, just stocked in the little kitchens in my office.  I'm sure I'd get sick of it if I had daily access to it like that, but, I was beyond thrilled to find it there, and happily devoured at least one a day ...
Traditional Divine Rice Pudding.
"Pure indulgence without the guilt. Made from the very best organic milk, our delicious creamy traditional Divine Rice is slow cooked to give it its traditional creamy taste. Delicious eaten hot or cold and containing less than 5.5% fat, it makes dessert a course worth waiting for."

This was really excellent rice pudding, especially for a packaged variety.

The rice had a nice chew to it, and was a mid-size grain.  I loved the slightly al dente nature to it.  The base was very creamy, but didn't have a ton of flavor itself, as it was the plain, "traditional" flavor.  It was great with some fresh fruit added on top.

The container also had instructions to serve it warm, microwaving it.  Eventually, I managed to wait the minute it would take to heat one, and tried it that way.  It was also good, more comforting when served warm actually, but I think I prefer it cold.

Overall, a plain pudding, yes, but a very good one.  I'd love to try the coconut version.
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