Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Amano Chocolate

Not a local chocolatier, but I've seen them at a few recent events, including the SF Chocolate Salon and the Good Food Awards, so I've had a chance to try a few of their chocolates.  They won the Good Food Award for the Guayas, but I got to try three others as well.  All contain cocoa butter and vanilla.
  • Guayas.  70%, single origin from Ecuador.  Tasting notes: fairly sweet for a dark chocolate, fruity. [ Slight coffee notes ]
  • Dos Rios.  70% single origin from the Dominican Republic.  Tasting notes: Has a very strong orange flavor.  I was incredibly surprised to learn that it didn’t have any orange anything added to it.
  • Chuao Reserve. Venezuelan.  Tasting notes:  This was very smooth.  Flavors were well rounded.  Tasted milkier, even though it was a dark chocolate.
  • Monrobe.  70%, single origin from Papua New Guinea.  Tasting notes: Fairly earthy.
  • Madagascar 70%.  Tasting notes: Light color for a 70%.  Good snap, but not creamy.  Raisin flavors.  Bitter, almost coffee like flavor.

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