Monday, March 05, 2012

SF Chocolate Salon

Today's big adventure was the SF Chocolate Salon, held at Fort Mason.  There were ~40 or so chocolatiers, with assorted plain bars, flavored bars, and truffles plus a few wineries and other confection makers.

I arrived in the middle of the event, probably a mistake.  It was fairly crowded and crazy, with lines for every vendor, and of course, plenty of people cutting those lines.  And a surprising number of vendors were already out of samples, which was lame, since ticket prices weren't that cheap.

It would be impossible to review the insane amount of chocolate I had today here, so I'll slowly post my reviews when I have some downtime in the next few weeks.  Stay tuned!

In related news, it turns out, there is such a thing as too much chocolate.  After 3 hours of eating chocolate, I can safely say that I have no desire to eat more chocolate right now!

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