Saturday, July 14, 2012

William Dean Chocolates

William Dean is not a local chocolatier, but they were at the SF Chocolate Salon, so I got to try a few of their products, including both truffles and bars.
  • Truffles
    • Key Lime: “White chocolate ganache infused with fresh lime juice.”  Tasting notes: White chocolate shell with a pretty decoration stamped on top. Shell a little thicker than standard, not very sweet, lacking that “white chocolate” flavor.  Ganache inside was not very smooth, an almost gritty consistency.  It did have a decent lime flavor to it.  Didn’t really enjoy this.
    • Peanut Butter Crunch:  “Milk chocolate and peanut butter with bits of peanut brittle”.  Tasting notes: Milk chocolate shell, peanut butter filling, pretty design stamped on top.  Really lovely honey roasted peanut flavor, nice crunch from the bits of peanuts in the filling.  Like a sophisticated peanut butter cup!
  • Bars
    • Berries & Pistachio Bar.  Tasting notes: Plain white chocolate bar topped with assorted whole dried fruits and pistachio chunks.  Fairly sweet decently creamy white chocolate.  Dried blueberries had a nice texture and flavor, but the flavor was lost with all the sweet white chocolate.  Perhaps enjoyable if you like white chocolate bars.
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