Sunday, July 29, 2012

New Tree Chocolates

I first discovered New Tree at the SF Chocolate Salon, sampling a slew of different chocolates.  I've since run into them a few other places around town. Unfortunately, I lost most of my tasting notes from those events, but they just opened a chocolate shop and cafe in downtown San Francisco, so I'm hoping to stop in sometime and try out a bunch more of their chocolates, after which, I'll update this page!
  • Alpha Thyme. “Pure dark chocolate, fragrant thyme, and golden roasted flax seeds." Tasting notes: This was loaded with too much stuff, flax seeds, crispy rice bites.  Rather than adding an interesting texture or crunch, it took away from the chocolate.  I tasted this one blind, couldn’t quite determine what the spicing was, but knew there was something in there (it turned out to be the thyme).
  • Belgian Biscuit Dark Chocolate: "The finest Latin American cacaos with traditional Belgian biscuits and golden flax seeds". Tasting notes: Didn't really taste the biscuits, just a strange gritty texture.
  • Ginger Dark Chocolate Bar: "66% cacao, ginger flavor & shavings, guarana extract".  Tasting notes: The ginger was spicy, the dark chocolate decent, but overall, not something I really loved.
  • Lavender Chocolate Bar: "50% cacao, lavender flavor, lime blossom extract."  Tasting notes: This was a milk chocolate, but a really nice one.  Creamy, with interesting flavors going on.  The lavender was subtle, but there.  It wasn't in your face floral.  Really, quite nice!
  • Lime Granola, milk chocolate: "The finest Latin American cacao with crunchy granola, zesty lime and green tea extract".  Tasting notes: Nice zing from lime, but the granola gives it a really strange crunch.  Decent milk chocolate.
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