Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Sixth Course Chocolates

Continuing through my backlog of tasting notes from chocolatiers featured at the SF chocolate salon.

Sixth Course is a local chocolatier, sourcing their chocolate from Guittard.  They make beautiful shinny chocolates, primarily caramels or boozy ones.  Lots of amazing sounding chocolates.  I wish I got to try more!
  • Caramels
    • Smoked salt caramel: “Rich caramel seasoned with Alderwood smoked salt in a dark chocolate shell” . Ingredients: 61% dark chocolate, organic cream, organic butter, pure cane sugar, smoked Alderwood salt, 31% white chocolate.  Tasting notes: Smooth, shiny dark chocolate and white chocolate swirled thin shell, filled with liquid caramel.  Very, very gooey.  Did not pick up on saltiness, nor alderwood flavor, but there was a flavor in there that I didn’t particularly care for.  Chocolate not particularly interesting.
    • Ceylon cinnamon caramel: “An exotic blend of spicy Ceylon Cinnamon infused caramel in a milk chocolate shell.”  Ingredients: 38% milk chocolate, organic cream, pure cane sugar, organic butter, Ceylon cinnamon. Tasting notes: Thin milk chocolate shell, filled with smooth gooey caramel.  Caramel has a really strong cinnamon flavor.  Nicely balanced, not too sweet, quite nice.
  • Boozy
    • Bailey’s & cream: “Whipped milk chocolate ganache spiked with Bailey's in a milk chocolate shell”. Ingredients: 38% milk chocolate, 61% dark chocolate, organic cream, organic butter, Bailey's Irish Cream, glucose. Tasting notes: Don’t taste baileys at all.  Mediocre milk chocolate shell.  Ganache not very smooth.

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