Friday, July 20, 2012

David Bacco Chocolatier

And another chocolatier from the SF Chocolate Salon.
  • Truffles:
    • Ceylon: “Spiced aromatic flavor of Sri Lanka in bitter ganache”.  Tasting notes: Dark chocolate shell, smooth ganache with nice cinnamon tones.  Definitely bitter.
    • Serene?/TRANQUILLE?: “Creamy caramel ganache”.  Tasting notes: really smooth, buttery caramel interior with incredible salt flavor infused in it.  Covered in milk chocolate.  Very nice, but almost too sweet, pairs well with coffee.
    • Crescendo: “Layer of hazelnuts over almond nougatine”.  Tasting notes: Milk chocolate covered, crunchy bits, not particularly interesting.
  • Bars
    • Fluer de sel: Tasting notes: Creamy milk chocolate, nice saltyness. [ Really nice salt on top, fairly creamy milk chocolate ]
    • 80%: Tasting notes: Complex, bitter, really nice.

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