Friday, November 06, 2015

The Daily Crave Veggie Chips

Update Review November 2015

A few years ago, I reviewed one kind of veggie sticks made by The Daily Crave.  I didn't remember how much I disliked them, and accidentally tried another one of their products.  I won't make this mistake again :)
Veggie Chips.
"Say goodbye to greasy chips that are full of artificial flavors and colors.  The Daily Crave Veggie chips contain none of the "bad stuff" but still gives you all the great taste you desire."

These just really don't taste like ... anything.

There are three colors, but they taste identical, and not like any veggie I could pick out.  Plain green, plain red, and plain orangish, I dubbed them.  The color is natural, the green comes from spinach powder, the orange from tomato powder, and the red from beet powder.

The texture is also a bit strange, since they are made from potato and rice flour, not slices of potato.

And ... besides that, they have no taste.  Oh, I take it back.  They do have a taste: salt.    Very salty. Meh.

But at least vegan and gluten-free?

Original Review November 2013

I'm constantly on the lookout for things to munch on, as I'm a serious snacker.  Particularly salty, crispy things.  So I was excited to find The Daily Crave, as the products sounds interesting.  They make veggie chips, veggie snicks, and "veggie skinniez".  All are vegan.

The packaging was exciting.  They looked good on the outside.  But unfortunately, I didn't like the one variety I tried at all.  I don't really see a reason to try the rest of their product line.
Veggie Sticks.
The veggie sticks looked like crispy french fries in the picture.  They came in a trio of colors: slightly green, slightly orange, and slightly yellow.  But, they didn't look great in person.

They tasted about how they looked.  Just like the colors, the flavors were muted.  They didn't really taste like ... anything.  One other reviewer said they tasted like packing peanuts.  I thought more like styrofoam.  You know, if we'd actually ever consumed those things.  The only enjoyable part to them was that they were crispy and crunchy.

I was curious about what was in them, so looked at the ingredients.  It turns out that "veggie sticks" really just were potato flour, rice flour, and oil with some tomato powder, spinach powder, and beet powder added to give them color, and presumably, market them as something other than potato sticks.

Meh. I certainly wouldn't get them again.
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