Monday, February 17, 2014

Edible Arrangements

If you work in an office building, you have undoubtably encountered Edible Arrangements.  They are the ones who make edible bouquets by taking fresh fruit, cutting it into shapes, dipping it in chocolate, and displaying it like a flower bouquet.  As a lover of all things sweet, I think it is a cute idea to send an edible bouquet to someone, but ... it still doesn't quite make sense.

The fruit, even if super fresh when they get it, has a pretty short shelf life.  It should be kept cold.  Who can eat an entire bouquet full of chocolate covered fruit in on sitting? (even if it was really good, which, spoiler, their is not).

Thus, my original statement: if you work in an office building, you've encountered Edible Arrangements.  Some co-worker receives a bouquet from a well wishing significant other.  He or she eats a few of the fruit pops, and then has no idea what to do with the rest of it.  So it shows up on a break room table, where the chocolate starts to melt and the fruit gets even sadder.

Ok, it isn't THAT bad, but ... yeah.  No reason to purchase these things folks.
White Chocolate Dipped Pineapple Pop.
This wasn't great.  It was kinda just too sweet.  The pineapple was very juicy, almost seeming over-ripe, but it was really pale yellow, and looked underripe.  The fruit was sweet, and the white chocolate was also very sweet.  So, sweet on sweet.  But I liked the crunchy creamy white chocolate shell and the sprinkles were a fun touch.  It looked nice, that counts for something right?

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White and Semisweet Chocolate Dipped Cupcake-Shaped Pineapple with Sprinkles.

Cupcake shaped pineapple dipped on the bottom in semi-sweet chocolate and on top with white chocolate and rainbow sprinkles.  The white chocolate was nice and sweet, the dark fairly smooth, and sprinkles are fun.  Really not bad.
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