Sunday, September 30, 2012

Ritter Sport Chocolate

I've never purchased Ritter Sport chocolate myself, yet I seem to keep encountering it.  They are a German company, and produce bars that are broken up into 16 little cubes, perfect for sharing.  Which, perhaps, is why I keep getting to try so much, as co-workers keep having some.

Most recently, one of the shops available on GoPago had a large selection of Ritter Sport, and so one co-worker went to use up his credits there before they expired.  And being the great co-worker he is, he shared :)  Below are my notes from assorted tastings.

Dark Chocolate
  • Edelbitter: Plain dark chocolate, 71% cacao: Tasting notes: Very dark for a 71%.  Rich, creamy, really like an intense brownie.  Quite good.
  • Dark Chocolate with Marzipan: Tasting notes: Dark chocolate with sweet marzipan filling.  Filling a little gritty.  Not very interesting.
Milk Chocolate
  • Voll-Nuss: Milk chocolate with whole hazelnuts.  Tasting notes: creamy milk chocolate, soft, decent whole hazelnuts, chocolate + hazelnut combo is classic and tasty. [ decent creamy milk chocolate but not too much it.  Hazlenuts are great though. ]
  • Knusperkeks:  Crisp butter cookie teamed up with cocoa cream in luscious milk chocolate.  Tasting notes: Creamy milk chocolate ... with a biscuit in the middle.  Big crunch.
  • Bourbon Vanille: Tasting notes: Creamy milk chocolate, very sweet filling.  Didn’t taste bourbon at all (heh, was this just a special type of vanilla, not the liquior we were expecting?).  Very, very sweet.
  • Ganze Mandel: Milk chocolate with whole almonds.  Tasting notes: Decently creamy milk chocolate, nice almonds.
White Chocolate
  • Weiße Voll-Nuss: White chocolate with whole hazelnuts.  Tasting notes: Sorta sweet white chocolate, nice whole hazelnuts.  [ Just sweet white chocolate, nice crispy bits, hazelnuts good roasting, but meh ]
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