Monday, October 01, 2012

Kasa Indian Food Truck

Several of my friends have been raving about the Kasa Indian food truck since they first discovered it a year or so ago.  Given that I love indian food and I'm on a desperate quest to find some in San Francisco that I really like, I was excited when I came across the truck when I was hungry.

Unfortunately, I didn't like any of this.  I am unlikely to try it again.
Vegetarian samosa ($2.50), mint chutney, raita, chicken tikka malasa kati roll ($4.50).  
I was planning to just get a kati roll, but when the person taking my order asked if I wanted to add on a samosa, my hungry stomach answered "yes", even though I don't generally love samosas.  It was a  basic potato and pea filled samosa, nothing special, no standout spicing. The dough was incredibly oily, as you can see in the photo.  It was served with some pretty generic mint chutney.

The kati roll is what I was looking forward to.  Basically a burrito, but made with roti and filled with spicy indian goodness?  Yes please!  It was described as: "A flaky, buttery roti (handmade bread) wrapped around char-grilled and marinated naturally-raised chicken in a spicy, creamy tomato sauce with marinated onions and chutney. Served with raita."  Sounded great.  But ... it really wasn't good.

The roti, like the samosa, was way too oily.  The chicken was low quality and all dark meat.  And there were way too many onions, perhaps more onions than chicken even.  I was impressed by the $4.50 price tag, until I tried it.  There is a reason it was so cheap.

Would not get any of this again.


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