Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Falafel from Oasis Grill

Sunday nights are always hard food-wise, so I used GoPago as some inspiration to try out a new place, preferably one where the lack of availability of fresh seafood and off-duty executive chefs wouldn't matter.  And since I'd already used up all of my GoPago credits, I needed to find a buddy to treat me to dinner using theirs.  I decided to tempt Ojan with the promise of some good falafel at Oasis Grill, as I know it is something he likes, it was only a few blocks away, and I've heard great things about the place.

So we went, ordering from his phone from a few blocks away.  As always, GoPago worked like a charm.  He put in the notes to have it cut in half so we could share, and they saw the note and did so.  I love how easy special requests are with GoPago!

One amusing thing is that we had the option when ordering of dine in or take out.  We hadn't been to the "restaurant" before, so selected dine in.  When we arrived, we saw that there was exactly one table, and it was occupied.  Whoops!  Luckily, there was plentiful seating in the courtyard across the street.

I don't think I'm likely to go back, at least not for the falafel, but Ojan liked it, and said he was glad to have found a new quick option for lunch or dinner in the neighborhood.  GoPago wins another fan!
Falafel Lavash Wrap: Fried chickpea patties with hummus, mediterranean salad, topped with tahini, wrapped in a lavash.  $7.86.
Since I was splitting with Ojan who can't have spicy food, we got it mild.  I would have ordered it hot, but I was able to get the hot sauce on the side, which I used to jazz it up.

And jazzing up it needed.  There just wasn't really any flavor to it.  Very bland.

The description listed in GoPago said there was hummus, but I didn't find any, and the online menu doesn't list hummus as an ingredient.  I kinda think there wasn't any.

There was tahini, but it didn't really add much flavor.

The mediterranean salad was lettuce, cucumber, and some herbs, that mostly just seemed like mediocre quality filler.

The falafel was the best part.  The wrap contained several falafel balls, all nice and crispy.  Speaking of crispy, the lavash was grilled, which gave it a great crisp exterior.  Actually, that might have been my favorite part.

I just didn't really care for this, but a falafel wrap isn't something I normally pick.  Ojan, who does like mediterranean food, liked it.  He said it wasn't amazing, but better than a lot of falafel he has had around here.

$7.86 was a random price (that was pre-tax), but pretty decent for a sandwich in this part of town.


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