Monday, March 31, 2014

More Jamba Juice

If you've read my blog for a while, you know that a few years ago I was on a mandatory liquids only diet for a while.  During that time, I had far more than my share of smoothies, many from Jamba Juice.  So I've reviewed it before.  Once I could eat regular food again, I did not return.  But, after several years of eating regular food, I finally did, mostly to check out some of the newer offerings (like fresh squeeze juices) and the elusive Matcha Green Tea Blast.  I'm still just not really into this place.  I don't understand why anyone would choose to Jamba beverage over something else.  Maybe I'm just scared from far too many smoothies.

Creamy Treats

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Matcha Green Tea Blast®

The last time I reviewed Jamba Juice, you may recall that I really wanted the matcha green tea smoothie, but it had been discontinued.  Well, it came back, so I got to try it.

It is made with soymilk, nonfat frozen yogurt, plain sorbet, and of course, the matcha green tea.

I was so eager to try it, but ... I didn't like it, at all.  It was very icy, not at all creamy.  Even as it melted, it never went through a phase of being a consistency I liked.  It did have a slight matcha taste, but overall, this was not good at all.

Sadness, after all that anticipation!

Fresh Squeezed Juices

Orange Juice, Large, $4.89.
This was fresh squeezed.  Decent orange juice.  But still ... just orange juice.  $4.89 seemed very expensive for a glass of juice!
Carrot Juice, Large, $4.89.
And, another fresh squeeze juice.  The fresh squeezed part was legit, I watched her put whole carrots into the juicer, and produce my juice.

It tasted like ... carrots.  I've had a fair amount of carrot juice recently, and this somehow tasted less sweet.  I wonder if they use a different kind of carrot?  I actually prefer it a bit sweeter.

But yes, fresh juiced, nice and frothy on top, but again $4.89 felt pricey for a juice.

Classic Smoothies

Peach Pleasure Make-It-Light, Small.  $4.49.
Made with peaches, bananas, orange juice, dairy base.

Apparently the peach idea has appealed to me before, as I found my notes that I'd gotten this, although not the light version, twice before.  Once I thought it was too sweet, once I thought it was ok.

This one, I really didn't like.  It tasted way too banana-y.  And, I didn't realize it had dairy in it, so I was confused by the sorta yogurty taste, although that part makes sense now.

It wasn't refreshing, it wasn't tasty, and I certainly don't want another.
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