Monday, March 25, 2013

Jamba Juice

A few years ago, for health reasons, I was forced onto a liquids-only diet for several months.  Let's just say I consumed a LOT of smoothies.  As a result, I kinda hate them.

Of course, during my time, I tried a bunch from the most famous smoothie chain around: Jamba Juice.  I didn't really like any, but, I also was pretty seriously hating on smoothies by that point.  I'm not sure I can give an unbiased opinion on this one ...
Peanut Butter Moo'd.  $4.45.
This is from the "Creamy Treats" section of the menu, made with vanilla frozen yogurt, chocolate, bananas, soy milk, and peanut butter.  Perhaps one of the most indulgent things on the menu, so of course it is what jumped out at me!

The consistency was decent, like a slightly-more-blended-than-usual milk shake.  It didn't separate or get weird as time passed.  It had a slight chocolate flavor, balanced out by some banana flavor, and some peanut butter than came through on the finish.  Overall though, the flavors didn't pop.  I really wanted to taste the chocolate, or the peanut butter, or even the banana more, they all just somewhat masked each other.

I got this as a "Last Days of Summer" promotion where all smoothies were $1, so that was very good price.  $4.45 seems a little pricy, but in line with all of their other drinks.  I wouldn't get this again.

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  • Banana Berry: "Bananas, Nonfat Frozen Yogurt, Blueberries, Raspberry Sherbet" :  Tasting notes: too sweet, too yogurty, too thick (with soy protein boost) [ Not too much banana, fairly refreshing, not bad ]
  • Berry Bitten (Special for Twilight promotion).  "Mixed berry juice, raspberry sherbet, strawberries, blueberries, frozen yogurt, ice."  Tasting notes: This was nicely balanced, sweet and tart, and fairly refreshing!
  • Mango Mantra Light: Tasting notes: My mom got this one, I tried a taste.  It was not as sweet as the others, kinda ok.  They seem to have discontinued it.
  • Orange Dream Machine: "Nonfat Frozen Yogurt, Soymilk, Orange sherbet."  Tasting notes: best so far, not a classic smoothie though (aka, no fruit, just juice/soy/yogurt/sherbet - indulgent!)  More of a dessert, for sure.  It was even decent put in cooler and finished later.  Reminded me of a creamsicle.
  • Peach Pleasure: "Orange Sherbert, Peaches, Bananas." Tasting notes: way too sweet, like most of their drinks. Do not like. [ Sweet, but not too sweet.  Decent flavors.  ]
  • Pomegranate Pick Me Up: "Blueberries, strawberries, pomegranate juice concentrate, raspberries, greek yogurt." Tasting notes: nice tarness to balance out the sweetness. [ Really nicely blended and icy, but way too sweet. ]
  • Pumpkin Smash (Seasonal).  "Real pumpkin blended with frozen yogurt and a hint of cinnamon and nutmeg".  Tasting notes: nicely blended, subtle pumpkin flavor, subtle soy.  Nutmeg really came through.  Not something I'd really want a full drink of, but tasty for a few sips.

Packaged Drinks

  • Tropical Mango O.N.E. Coconut Water: Tasting notes: blech. Do not like the mango flavor at all, can't taste the coconut water!


  • Brie, Apple & Sweet Fig Sandwich: "Brie Cheese, Apple Pieces and Fig Spread on Sliced Raisin Bread".  Tasting notes: The bread was mushy, and the brie was somehow flavorless.  I didn't taste the fig spread.  The apple was soft and the only part that tasted decent.
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