Friday, December 30, 2016

More Ice Cream Novelties from France

For the past few weeks, I've been posting about the assorted ice cream I found while visiting my Paris office, like the Mars brand ice cream bars and slightly more interesting Trufo bars from Kalise.
Dèli Roo?
This time however, I don't know who the manufacturer actually is.  Doh.

The best photo of the packaged product I have is this, and, well, no amount of Google searching was able to help me figure it out.

Please help dear readers, do you know what brand this is?
Chocolat Pistache - Top.
"Cône de glaces au chocolat et a la pistache avec inclusions de pèpites de chocolat, décor" de pistaches hachees grillèes."
I didn't see the flavor listed on my wrapper, so I didn't realize I had selected chocolate pistachio, until I opened it up.

The top "scoop" was mild milk chocolate, decently creamy, topped with pistachio bits, er, "pistaches hachèes grillèes", chopped roasted pistachios.
Pistache - Inside.
The rest of the cone was filled with the pistachio ice cream, which actually had chocolate chips in it, "inclusions de pèpites de chocolat".  It was ... fine, not particularly creamy, but not awful.

The cone was lined with chocolate and was a standard sugar cone.

Overall, this was not bad, but not notable in any way.
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