Thursday, May 16, 2013

Baked Goods from Thorough Bread and Pastry

I was surprised when I first walked into Thorough Bread and Pastry, as I was expecting a classic bakery, and instead it felt like walking into a really cozy coffee shop ... except one with amazing display cases full of pastries, rather than generic, day old muffins and scones, baked off site somewhere.  I didn't actually try any of the coffee, so I can't comment on that part, but if it were in my neighborhood, it seems like exactly the sort of place I'd love to hang out at with friends.  They even have a backyard garden area with tables, that somehow gets an insane amount of sun in the afternoons, and is perfectly shielded from the wind.  What a find!

I was led there of course by LevelUp, since they give a $2 credit.  Prices were actually shockingly good for a real bakery, with large cookies for only 75 cents!  Sure, there were plenty of items that far exceeded my "budget", but overall I was really impressed with the prices.  Unfortunately, they stopped using LevelUp already.

The staff were very friendly, and happy to make recommendations when I was indecisive.  It isn't in my neighborhood, but if I am in the area, particularly on a warm sunny day, I'll swing in for a treat and to enjoy their backyard.
Large Chocolate Chip Cookie.  $0.75.
This was a big cookie.  Not as big as the monster from Quiznos, but bigger than most.  And only 75 cents!  I still can't get over that price.

It was fairly soft, although not as soft as the aforementioned one from Quiznos, nor the chocolate chip versions I've had recently from Back Yard Kitchen or FreshMarket.  It had mini chocolate chips, and tons of them.  I think there were actually too many, as they really were the dominant taste of the cookie.  The cookie dough itself wasn't remarkable, not like the amazing brown butter chocolate chip cookie from Back Yard Kitchen, where the brown butter just took the dough to a whole new level.

Not a cookie I'd get again, but the price was certainly right.
Large Peanut Butter Cookie.  $0.75.
Another large cookie for only 75 cents.  Another great deal.

This was a hard style cookie.  I just don't really like hard cookies.  It had ok peanut butter flavor.  I didn't really like it, and wouldn't get again.
Cinnamon Pecan Scone. $1.95.
This was very good!  Crumbly style, loaded up with tons of chopped pecans.  Slight tang to the scone base, (perhaps buttermilk?), that gave it a really enjoyable flavor.  I smelt more of the cinnamon than I tasted.

I'd get this again, but I want to try more things.  $1.95 was a good price, and the scone was large, but not a monster.  I appreciated the portion size.
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