Friday, March 06, 2015

Jonny's Popcorn Delights

You know how much I love to munch on things, so snack foods are something I'm always eager to try when traveling.  And one of my absolute favorite snacks? Popcorn!

During my recent trip to Sydney, I of course had to try most of the snacks provided in my office.  The popcorn was the first thing I tried, supplied by Jonny's Popcorn.  Jonny's Popcorn began when Jonny visited the US, and discovered, and subsequently fell in love with, kettle corn.  I understand completely!  He started a popcorn cart, and expanded the brand to be distributed nationwide.

Jonny's Popcorn comes several flavors, both savory like canjun CHILLI, or sweet, including Sweet & SALTY, CHOC CHIP, CARAMEL,  and BUTTERY.  Yes, capitalization theirs.

Unfortunately, I didn't love any of it, and I tried all of their flavors.
Sweet & SALTY.
Sweet & SALTY.  Now, that sounds like kettle corn to me.  And ... I love kettle corn!

Sadly, this wasn't really sweet.  Nor particularly salty.  It certainly did not remind me of kettle corn.  It was just ... popcorn.  Meh.

Update, 2016: Ok, so, it grew on me.  It was just a different kind of kettle corn, not the style I'm used to.  It was indeed crunchy, sweet, and salty, and thus fairly addicting, even though I wouldn't rave about it.
"Choc Chip is a balanced mixture of Chocolate covered popcorn and our famous Sweet & Salty popcorn. This popcorn is sweet, light and crunchy with just enough Chocolate to keep you interested to the bottom of the bag."

They claim this is a balanced mixture, but there were far more plain pieces rather than chocolate covered.  The plain was apparently Sweet & Salty, but it just seemed buttered, or perhaps oiled.  It was really strange to have this popcorn alongside the chocolate popcorn.

I did like the chocolate covered popcorn however, as it was a bit sweet and salty, so they were true to their claim that there was just enough chocolate to keep me interested, as I did keep digging through the bag looking for more chocolate.

Overall, the chocolate covered was fine, but it wasn't really remarkable, and I really just wanted to freeze it.  Popcorn is always better frozen.

My favorite of their popcorns however.
"Cooking this popcorn in a hot kettle caramelises the sugar creating a sweet, rich crunchy shell."

I didn't really care for this.  The caramel flavor wasn't very rich, and the kernels weren't that well coated.  No crunchy shell as promised.  Perhaps it would have been better if I froze it.  Very lackluster caramel corn.

Update, 2016: I think I partially understand why this popcorn isn't awesome.  It has no dairy.  No butter, no cream.  The caramel flavor is artificial.  So, that is a pretty major strike against it.  And, as I mentioned last time, it also isn't that well coated, not as decadent as I'd like.  But, just like the Sweet & SALTY, I did actually enjoy it this time around.  Expectations are everything.
cajun CHILLI.
I wanted to like this one.  It was spicy.  But there was something about the spice that I just didn't like.  I shared it with several others, none of whom liked it either.

But yes, it was spicy.
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