Monday, March 02, 2015

A month (or two) devoted to Sydney!

This month, I'm going to do something a bit different.  Rather than just use Tuesdays for "Travelin' Tuesdays" posts, as I did with Boston, TokyoLondon, and New Hampshire, I'm devoting the entire month to reviews focusing on my favorite city in the world: Sydney!

You've probably heard me mention Sydney in the past.  Besides places I have actually permanently lived, it is where I've spent more time than anywhere else.  I've spent about 5 months there now, spread over the course of several years.  My recent visit was just shy of 3 weeks, not nearly long enough!

Anyway, 3 weeks was plenty of time to check out a slew of new restaurants, plus re-visit all my favorites.

I'm going to stick with my regular format of using particular days of the week for a given theme, except, all will be related to Sydney!

The Monday lineup will start with chain restaurants, including worldwide dumpling sensation Din Tai Fung, bubble tea from Chatime, and incredible fries from Snag Stand.  Then I'll cover some bars, but not just any bars, ones serving quite good food, like the memorable crispy mac and cheese balls at Pocket Bar or the molecular gastronomy Pocket Bar.  And finally, I'll cover what Sydney does best, brunch at a bunch of cafes, like Bill's, which broke my heart this time around, Trio with its excellent beachfront location, and the creative Devon Cafe.

Tuesdays will be travel related, in this case, the Qantas lounges, starting with the brand new First Class (and Business) lounges in LAX and then SYD (again, both the business and first lounges), my in-flight meals to (and then from) Sydney, and the comparative differences in executive lounges at the Westin and the Sheraton on the Park.

Wednesdays will be regular restaurants, including a slew of thai restaurants (like the Sydney institutions of Chat Thai and Home Thai,  plus my favorite Sailor's Thai Canteen and the more formal Restaurant), plus lunch and dinner at a scattering of other restaurants, like Sokyo for mediocre sushi, Ms. G's for really fun Vietnamese, Chinatown Noodle Restaurant for great dumplings, Governor's Table for "Australian", Lumi for innovative cuisine, Watsons Bay Beach Club for some not very good seaside fish & chips, Bentley for fine dining, and Pinbone for the top dinner of the trip (it was so good, we went back for brunch the next day!).

Thursdays will be bakeries (including a cronut from B├ęcasse, the best bread I've ever had from Dough Collective, epic pies (both sweet and savory), from Pie Tin, decent cookies from Madhouse Bakehouse, donuts and good coffee from Workshop Espresso, and ice cream (like my old standby Gelato Messina, classic Streets ice cream treats, and crazy asian creations from Chanoma cafe).

And on Friday's we'll explore packaged snack foods, such as Jonny's Popcorn, Carmen's muesli, OAK flavored milk and Nippy flavored milk, crazy varieties of chips, and some actually tasty bars from Be Natural and breakfast bars from SuniBrite.

So, stay tuned!


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